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Brazilian Coffee

galway-roast-1Coffee was introduced in Brazil by Franciscode Mello Palheta in 1727 from Cayenne, French Guiana and today, Brazil is the world’s largest coffee producer with over 40 percent of all coffee coming from this country. The Brazilians quickly learned the rudiments of growing coffee with emphasis on quantity over quality. The best coffee in Brazil comes from the region around San Paulo and is named for the port through which it is exported, Santos. Santos is known for its smooth flavour, medium body and moderate acidity. While Santos is the best coffee in Brazil, it is still far from extraordinary when compared to other gourmet coffees of the world. There are two processes in Brazil, the dry process and the wet process. Using the dry process, the coffee is dried while still in the fruit. This results in a sweet smooth tasting coffee, but beans take longer to dry in this manner. The wet process involves removing four layers that are around the bean. This results in a fruitier, cleaner coffee.

Guatemala Coffee

galway-roast-2This relatively small country boasts one of the most climatically diverse regions in the world. The soil, rain-fall, humidity, altitude, and temperature are varied enough to produce seven distinct types of Guatemala coffee. Guatemala cultivates their coffees at high altitudes, and then processes them carefully by hand. The Guatemala coffee forests improve the environment, protect the soil, biodiversity and water resources.

Honduras Coffee

galway-roast-3The western highlands of Honduras are located in the very heart of one of the finest coffee growing regions in the world.
Coffee from Honduras is wet processed, typically unremarkable in quality, and is a good base for blending. Honduras is a developing country and does not have developed transport methods like America. As a result, Honduras coffee is quite a speciality coffee for those who can seek it. The lucky ones who get the opportunity to taste this coffee should consider it an experience.